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Dogs and Wolves


Breeding FAQ

There are many differences between dogs and wolves, but there are also many similarities.

These are the similarities:

1. Their method of locomotion, called digitigrade. Which means their movement is a way of life often depending on swift, silent motion.

2. Like domestic dogs and all other canids, wolves have 42 teeth, although the wolves 4 canine teeth are much longer, often measuring 2.5 inches from root to tip.

3. Wolves and dogs also share keen senses of smell and hearing, they are also forced to pant to keep cool.

Despite similarity, here are the differences:

1. Wolves move their legs differently while running, the highly stuctured social system in which the wolves live is nothing like that of a dog.

2. Wolves only breed once a year, where domestic dogs can breed up to two times in a single year.

3. To protect yourself from a dog, you would cover your face and stand still. To protect yourself from a wolf, pee in a circle(lol), then go in that circle, and they will leave you alone because they know thats your territory and they can't go in it.