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Don't abuse your dog!


Learn why not to abuse your dog.

Training your dog

You shouldn't abuse your dog for a lot of reasons.

1. Your hurting it and puting your anger on it and it doesn't know why your doing that to it.

2. If you abuse your dog it may think your it's enemy and suddenly turn on you and attack you because your hurting it.

3. It could die from being hurt to much or get sick from something and it could also die from if you stoped feeding it, then it would die of hunger. Or it could die from dehydration if you leave it out all day in the hot sun and not give it water.

4. If you leave it outside and it somehow got loose and the cops find it looking bad and look at it's license they might go to your house and suspect something, then you could go to jail for it. And when everyone finds out you did that, nobody would like you because you abused your dog.

5. If your dog got a sickness that could spread on to you, and before the dog died of that sickness you got it, you could become very sick. And if it was a very bad sickness you could die from it.

Remember, not only are you hurting the dog when you abuse it, your also hurting yourself. Keep this in mind because some day it might come in handy.