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My dogs


My Dogs

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Welcome, this page is all about me, and my two sisters molly and allie. My name is Brook and my owner(meghan) made this wonderful page about me, allie and molly. Meghan will get pics up sometime, so don't worry. Have fun!


Allie is my pet dog who is 8 years old. She's a mix of many things such as basit hound, hound dog, and many more. She's black, brown and white, but mostly black. She loves to run and play with her ball, and sleep. She also likes to just lay there right by the fire and cuddle with the other dogs.


Brook is a mix with basit hound, beagle, and more. She loves to run around in the backyard and play with anything she can find. When she looks at you she has the cutest face. She's very friendly towards strangers and also likes to cuddle by the fire.


Molly is 7 years old and is a mix of many things such as basit hound, beagle, welsh corgi, and more. She is brown adn white, but mostly all brown, hardly any white. She loves to play and chase you around and tug on your socks or pants. She's very fun to play with and she likes to sleep by the nice warm fire.