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My winners



Winners of my award!

Webrings I'm in!

Corgi Dog House-
The perfect place for corgi lovers of all ages

Petsburgh 7317- Murphy the miniture Dachshund, links, photos, free search engine submission, writing recources and more.

The Dog House-
Our site is about us dogs, animal sponsorship and adoption, and responsible pet ownership.

Pup USA- All about my corgi, pascal and about my favorite breed of dog, Corgis! Made with love and dedication to my favorite wacky puppy!

Kelcliffe Kennels- Our page is totally dedicated to cairn terriers. It is meant to be imformative and educational and definately child safe.

Vizara Dzenga- My page is about the live of my rhodesian ridgeback, it's an african dog who lives with us for nearly 4 years now, I added pictures of his family, friends, etc
It's a page I made for my friend.

Riddell's Island-'s23/index.html My page has many pet pages with pictures and stories of each pet. I also have many children's pages that vary from Pooh to Tom and Jerry. I have a free links page and I also give out homepage awards.

The Doggie Universe-
A cool dog site with LOTS of fun stuff to do!

Black Russian Terrier- Pages are for very rare breed from Russia, Black Russian Terrier.
Here you can read about their history and standard, also you can see pictures and my own dogs. We have own award program and banner exchange.
Page is educational, family friendly and easy to navigate.

phoebe's shrine to the poodle- My site is dedicated to my toy/miniature Poodle cross Phoebe. My site has fun and games, links, webrings, a project, a club, awards, awards to win, lots of Photographs, competitions and loads more. We soon have a birthday party coming up!

Gretchen's Place- Site is all about me - a beautiful, black Miniature Schnauzer. It has lots of photos, info, links & hopefully a little bit of humor.

Bunny Wonderland- mostly about bunnies, types of bunnies, their ways of living, how to live with a bunny, some stuff about my beautiful bunny, and a couple miscellaneous pages with holiday stuff for your website and a new thing we have called a tribute page

Pet Center- My page helps you on your newest addition(pets, not babies)and you get to have fun at the same time!

Canton Chow Chows- Features my Chowdren, Chow Chow Dogs, of the past and present.

Boris & Natasha, The coolest birds in the Big Apple- Its about my Cockatiels, Boris & Natasha

Ekkiechat- The most beautiful birds on earth!

The lab dogs- My site contains mostly photos abd short stories about my 2 Labradors with a few pages of pets that I have had in the past.

Cyber pups homepage- Our page is about our FOUR Rescue dogs (never a dull moment in our home). We are trying to raise awareness on animal rescue, puppy mills, spay/neuter. We also have great rescue links and info about Chinese Cresteds which is what Bailey and Charlie are. Lots of pics of the dogs too and some other family updates. It's great finding a kindrid spirit on the responsibilities of pet ownership!